eBay Drop Delivery My New Pricing Technique For 2018 eBay UK

eBay UK Drop Delivery Course – https://broke-to-boss.teachable.com/p/ebay-uk-drop-shipping-a-complete-guide

For the US, take a look at Paul’s Course https://ebaydropshippingtitans.teachable.com/?affcode=182369_kjt-8axe

Drop Delivery Software program – https://www.hustlegotreal.com/?src=QGRDlBY2 I extremely advocate this itemizing and monitoring software program!

Drop Delivery Suppliers – https://youtu.be/bgtCdR6aau8
Purchaser Noticing The Receipt/ Bill – https://youtu.be/p2AH99ufDOU
Understanding eBay Charges – https://youtu.be/BfqikDtzmaU
Coping with Returns – https://youtu.be/3G3gd0cR_dI
What Merchandise To Promote – https://youtu.be/PV_HP7ESsXQ
Optimising Titles – https://youtu.be/dG3V8sihOic
PayPal Jail – https://youtu.be/Dl2I1WRxJ8I

Be part of The Fb Group – https://www.fb.com/teams/325584251237587/

Itemizing Software program – https://www.hustlegotreal.com/?src=QGRDlBY2 I extremely advocate this itemizing and monitoring software program!
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Cashback for Amazon UK – www.kidstart.co.uk/r1/2351055
Discounted Reward Playing cards UK – https://nv63b.app.goo.gl/knFA
Trial DSGenie Software program – https://jvz9.com/c/880413/248318
(I don’t use DSGenie however it will likely be useful in case you wrestle to search out objects that promote properly)
Hydra Lister, an alternate itemizing software- https://hydra-lister.com/?ref=42040
Make Cash On-line With Matched Betting (UK solely) – http://www.profitaccumulator.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=7836


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  1. Am trying this strategy now with a personnel script (i use it for repricing also) it records the sale history and act accordingly , either up or down the price, that way i can: keep a 100% sale through rate (= Cassini loves me) + beet any one who snipes me + end any junk listing after 60 days no sale + get the maximum profit …etc and everything is automatic! the only thing am trying to figure is by how much i need to increase/decrease and when …etc.
    Any ideas Becky?

  2. Hi , I'am from srilanka , and i have successfully selling on e bay my own products on e bay for about 4 months and now i have up to 5000 listing allowance. and i'am interested on drop shipping as well. can u please clarify me that , weather i can list walmart or amazon items in my e bay store and show the location as USA. is it possible to make sales like that, and also i have already listed few drop shipping items like that. but my location is srilanka. so can you please help me on this issue.

  3. hey im a new drop shipper using dsmtool & walmart but when using the dsmtool listing tool; the price that dsm lists does not match what I see the item listed as on walmart.com. Have you ever encountered this? If so what did you do? I really want to make money drop shipping. Thanks for all your help!!!!

  4. Hi Boss Girl ,
    could you tell me what website do you drop ship with ?
    I mean where you get products to list on ebay?
    I will appreciate if you could answer me ,

  5. Hello Becky. I want to start by saying thank you for sharing so much clear and concise information related to dropshipping. I've already had marginal success selling items on eBay and have sold a whopping 14 items. These sells are from traditionally sold items, not dropshipped items. And after only a few sells I've already grown tired of having to pack, label, weight, and ship items myself.

    I overheard you mention David Vu's drop shipping course, and I went ahead and purchased his class on Udemy. Anyway, how long did it take for you to convert views into sell? I have been practicing optimization and as a result get at least ten views right away and even some watchers, but so far my drop-shipped listings have not converted into sells.

    I do want to say also that I only have about thirty listings (drop-shipped) so far and I fully understand the notion that one must list more to increase one's number of sells. Nevertheless, I am still curious how long it took for you to begin earning ANY profit once you started implementing David Vu's method.

    Thank you for your time. It means a lot to get free quality information especially on a platform like YouTube where so much of the content is click-bait and gibberish.

  6. I've been using kidstart as a cashback website for the past 3 months and I have money which has yet to be released. Any idea if kidstart is a legit cashback website?

  7. Ahah hate to spam your comments Becky but could you like set up a Skype or discord where we can all discuss stuff? Like ask eachother for advice etc. Surely we could all learn something off eachother

  8. Have you ever sold using amazon? Like can anyone list things on amazon because I think the items I sell would naturally sell more on amazon due to their nature (games for PS4 etc.)

  9. What are your plans if your sales exceed £82,000, because after that you will need to be VAT registered and that will add 20% to your costs which in turn means your prices will have to rise.

  10. Hi Becky! Love your videos. As a newbie I have a question that’s dawned on me; when there’s such a little difference in price in most items between what you’re sourcing them for and selling them for, once ebay fees, PayPal fees, and tax is paid, doesn’t that not leave you with any reasonable profit?

    When registering as self employed for this, what do you register as? Finally, if you’re not earning enough from this to hit minimum wage for tax, should you still register with hmrc?

  11. Thank you Becky. I understand your strategy is to increase sales at a lower margin but is this more of an attempt to raise your listing higher in the ranking on Ebay to hopefully gain future sales? Cheers JOhn

  12. selling at break even is something ive done for a few years now…once you i 10 sales i raise the price. It helps to install confidence to potential buyers and it improves your rankings in that item…. highly recommend 🙂

  13. Hi, Becky i know there are so many questions making to you. If you have the time, what is your listing tools and repricer your are using?? and what is your opinion about Dsm Tool ? As far as i know your are listing in UK .
    Thnx anyway

  14. I’ve gone below standard and it had affected my sales really badly. It happened because in my first month of dropshippinng (I sell Console games for PS4 Xbox etc, making £5 on each game) I had to cancel 5 orders due to no fault of my own. I had such a good month making between £300-£500 a week but now I’m only making like £100 a week due to this.

    How would you go about getting out of below standard as I did make another account but I ran out of listings within one day and they won’t give me any more listings on that account.

    Appreciate your channel so much as I would never of started this. TY!

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