How to surrender sugar and drop extra pounds

Drop some pounds and be sugar free. David Gillespie, best-selling writer of The Candy Poison Give up Plan has detailed recommendation on giving up sugar to drop kilos (he misplaced six stone with this one change alone)
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4 thoughts on “How to surrender sugar and drop extra pounds”

  1. I found sugar regulating herbs – gymnema, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, and chromium supplement much more useful than just trying to modify my bahavior. I also made sure, that I had no more than 7 grams of sugar from fruit at any meal, and if I did -like eating entire apple, then I liberally sprinkled it with cinnamon. I also made sure I had one large (5-6 cup) salad a day with lots of cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes, etc to get fiber. I can sincerely say, that cravings were not a problem, not even in the first two weeks.

  2. My problem was always eating TOO MUCH CANDY! I couldn't stop once I started to eat, that was so horrible. I hated myself for it. I needed to change things, so did a huge research and started to change my food habits. And I succeeded 🎉 You can too! I have just uploaded a new video of how I stopped eating sugar with 10 insane tips for you guys. Check it out, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! ❤️

  3. There are several components to giving up drinking including eg motivation and help from peers.
    One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Sebs Magic Tactic (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most helpful idea that I have ever seen.
    look at the site and interesting testimonials.

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